“Grace Poured Out is about the life of an amazing young lady in her journey through the dark valley we call cancer. It is about the grace of God that was poured out on a family during their time of unspeakable grief. But more significantly, it is also about the tangible grace of God that was poured out through Katie to everyone who experienced the miracle of knowing her.”

 — Duncan Dodds

“I am so glad that I met beautiful Katie and was able to be with her for a short time. I saw a loving family fighting a battle and their strength was amazing. They trusted Jesus the whole way and were remarkable. I left the hospital thinking, “What a family!”

Katie evidently had a glimpse of heaven and she chose to go. What a life she lived in that short time.

I salute the Herndon family. They are great people.”

— Dodie Osteen, Co-Founder of Lakewood Church

“Grace Poured Out overflows with raw honesty and courage. It’s a family’s journey of faith, hope and love; a spiritual awakening to accept God’s grace and to trust Him…no matter what. This is more than a book about grief; it’s a story of restoration and an account of God’s insurmountable grace. We stand in awe of their strength and how He used the pain and struggles of losing Katie to strengthen their family and resurrect a life-less marriage. Grace Poured Out draws you in; we read it cover to cover and couldn’t put it down. It is a must-read for families and married couples everywhere.”

— Richard and Sheri Bright, marriagefunatics.com

“Valerie is a woman with heart and passion. She loves deeply and writes honestly. She writes from a place that can only come from someone who has experienced the compassion, love and grace of our Heavenly Father. This book will touch everyone because we all need to know the reality of God’s unlimited and matchless grace upon grace.”

— Laurie Dodds, author of Regret, Rehearse, Rejoice and Identity Theft, Who’s Life are You Living Anyway?

“If the storms of life have you feeling devastated and faltering in your faith, this book is for you! In this intimate journey through the loss of their daughter to cancer, we are reminded that God is present in our darkest valleys and His plans are always good, even when we don’t understand. Let this book minister to your soul and strengthen your hope in God!”

— Steve Austin, Senior Director, Lakewood Church

“This book is a selfless act of love that will encourage, strengthen and inspire us all to persevere in our darkest hours of life. I think we should all read it to bolster us even before life’s storms come crashing against us.”

— Titus Venyah, MD

“Grace Poured Out is a moving account of a fifteen-year-old girl’s courageous battle with bone cancer and the family that rallied beside her. Twelve years after Katie’s death, Valerie Herndon has graciously shared a mother’s perspective of that journey with us. And what emerges from the grief and heartache arising out of the loss of her daughter is a beautiful story of love, hope and grace. By sharing their story, Valerie gives us an invaluable guide for navigating the inevitable seasons of loss. This book will be a tremendous asset for those on a similar path or anyone who has endured the heartache of losing a loved one. Thank you Valerie.”

— Paul Osteen, MD